©2018 by Sur Block

Sur Block was born of the desert, but you’ll find them flowing from the street lights that illuminate the city at night. This five-piece band from Tucson, Arizona navigates the rugged terrain between Western rock and dark synth-pop anthems.

The outfit is made up of Tucson natives and members of the Pascua Yaqui nation, fronted by female powerhouse Alyssa Sandoval, whose voice “moves from a purr to an impassioned wail.” (Tucson Weekly, June 2018). The band has been compared to Phantogram, the Arcade Fire and Calexico, but their eclectic sound and high-energy shows defy categorization.


With lyrics written by guitar and synthesizer player Peter “Pops” Yucupicio. Sur Block’s songs tackle heavy subjects like heartbreak and addiction. His personal stories draw from life in the Old Pascua barrio of Tucson, where he resides and writes all of his material. The catchy 2017 single “Gucci Tape” from Sur Block’s self-titled EP features Sandoval counting to four in the native Yaqui language, like a power ballad from a Sonoran fever dream.


Sur Block has been performing for more than three years, and has packed the rooms of the historic Hotel Congress, Rialto Theatre and soon-to-be Dusk Music Festival. They are currently working on their second EP.